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Susie Beech basically grew up in a bookshop, or that's how it seemed to her. Every room in the house had a bookcase, and every bookcase was filled to the brim with books, books and more books. 

Every summer, Susie and her sisters would entertain themselves by reading as many books as they could get their hands on; anything on their parent's bookshelves was fair game, so Susie read anything from Laura Ingalls' Little House books to Jean Plaidy and Judith Krantz.

Not surprisingly, Susie's first Saturday job was in a bookshop. And the rest as they say, is history.

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Today Susie lives in Northern Ireland and loves nothing better than cafe hopping around Belfast and tripping round castles. Castles &cake are my thing.

 Loves to be on Instagram @susiebeech.books