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Bewitched by Lady Rowena #1 Brides of Harpend Court


A heroic knight returning from the Crusades, an arranged marriage, and a runaway bride who is determined to take charge of her own destiny.  


Armand de Beaufort, loyal knight of King John has been rewarded for his faithful duty during the Crusade in the Holy Lands. All the lands belonging to his old enemy, Raulf d’Agincourt are his prize, including the hand of Raulf’s fair widow, Lady Rowena. 

Lady Rowena d’Agincourt despised her dead husband and has no desire to meekly accept the hand of her new husband. Instead she flees to the countryside to take charge of her own destiny; she will decide when or if she will return to Harpend Court and Armand. 

Armand might have prospered in battle, but is he ready for the challenges Lady Rowena will throw at him?

Set in 1205, Bewitched by Lady Rowena is set in the heart of the English countryside when fairy tales and folk lore, myths and superstitions were a part of everyday life.

Bewitched by Lady Rowena

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Captivated by Lady Tabitha #2 Brides of Harpend Court


She’s not looking for a husband, so why would she fall in love? 

With sword skills that would leave any knight quivering, Tabitha de Beaumont isn’t one to bow to convention. Having recently inherited her father’s castle and estate, she is determined to run it just as he did...while remaining resolutely single! But despite her wishes, her scheming uncle arranges a joust where the winner will receive Tabitha’s hand in marriage. 

Amongst the competing knights is the seductively handsome Dominic Saint-Clare, who has no desire to get married. His heart still pierced from a tumultuous past, he revels in combat and seeks only the renown he will receive upon winning the competition. 

Sparks fly when Tabitha and Dominic cross paths and they cannot deny their attraction to each other. Not everyone is pleased with their relationship however, and they soon discover that their budding romance could prove more dangerous than either of them ever expected. 

Captivated by Lady Tabitha; a medieval love story full of adventure, intrigue and passion.

Due Spring 2020